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  • October 4-La Muneca’s 27th Annual Junior Roundup, Linn, Texas
  • October 24-26-Simbrah Synergy VII Sale and $15,000 Showcase, Giddings, Texas
  • November 22-25-LMC Gene PLUS VI “Giving THANKS” Online Sale
  • December 12-15 Tom Brothers Ranch and DA Cattle Co Private Treaty Bid-Off Sale,
    Campbellton, Texas
  • January 26-Southwestern Livestock Exposition Junior Simbrah Show, Fort Worth, Texas
  • February 16-National Simbrah Show, San Antonio, Texas
  • February 16-National Percentage Simbrah Show, San Antonio, Texas
  • February 18-Simmental/Simbrah Superbowl, San Antonio, Texas
  • February 19-San Antonio Livestock Exposition Junior Simbrah Show
  • February 21-San Angelo Livestock Show Junior Simbrah Show
  • March 3-Houston International Simbrah Sale, Houston, Texas
  • March 4-Houston International Simbrah Show, Houston, Texas
  • March 13-22 Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show Open and Junior Simbrah Shows, Mercedes, Texas
  • March 15-Houston Livestock Show Junior Simbrah Show, Houston, Texas
  • March 27-Star of Texas Junior Simbrah Show, Austin, Texas
  • March 27-28-La Muneca Cattle Co. $ellabration Show, Linn, Texas
  • March 28-31-La Muneca Cattle Co. Online Sale

LMC Giving THANKS Online Sale VI

"As Sister and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and La Muneca Cattle Co. celebrates our 25th anniversary this fall, we have decided to start a new annual tradition of having an online sale with our friends with 100% of the proceeds being donated to various charities. Featured charities will be junior breed association scholarship funds, the Linn San Manuel Volunteer Fire Department, St. Anne's Catholic Church, Brewster School PTO, Linn San Manuel , Flores and Guerra Family Scholarship endowment funds, plus several others.

“We will be selling 25 lots of the best genetics in several breeds including Polled Brahman, Braunvieh, Simbrah and Simbravieh. There will be bulls, semen packages, embryos and flushes, plus a trophy whitetail hunt on the Guerra Bros. ranch in South Texas. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has helped us along the way and to Tim and Erin Lockhart for their assistance with this project. The sale will be right before Thanksgiving, November 22-25, 2014 and will be on www.cattleinmotion.com. For more information, please contact Carlos at 956-802-1641 or lamunecacattle@aol.com," states Carlos X. Guerra, sale host.


Simbrah Synergy VII will be held October 24-26 at Smith Genetics, Giddings, Texas. The weekend event includes an educational skill-a-thon and sales talk competition for juniors, sale and the $15,000 Synergy Showcase junior show.

The sale will be the evening Saturday, October 25th and includes over 100 lots of cattle. The lots are predominately Simbrah. Bulls, embryos, donors, pairs, breds and some fancy show prospects sell.

The skill-a-thon, sales talk and showmanship competition will be held Saturday afternoon. The Synergy Showcase will award $15,000 to junior exhibitors of cattle purchased from the Synergy participants and/or purchased in the sale. The Showcase includes five divisions of showmanship in addition to the Simbrah,Percentage and Simmental shows and you must pre-enter. The show will be on Sunday, October 26th.

Participants in this year’s sale include Baring Cattle Company, Elmendorf, Texas; Burch Farms, Hempstead, Texas; Diamond RF Farms, Wallis, Texas; Hagan Cattle Company, Yoakum, Texas; Hallak Ranch, Athens, Texas; McCrary Farms, DeKalb, Texas; Pine Ridge Ranch, Dallas, Texas; Reavis Farms, Mission, Texas; Smith Genetics, Giddings, Texas; Triple J Ranch, Sour Lake, Texas; Triple P Ranch, Pearland, Texas; Southwestern Farms, Kirbyville, Texas; 7N Ranch, Falls City, Texas and Smith Farms, Denton, Texas.

For additional details, entry forms, rules and sale accommodations, visit www.smithgenetics.com or call 512/587-7896. You can also follow the event on Facebook.


Simbrah breeders met during activities at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Tim Smith, American Simmental Association trustee updated the crowd about association matters and Simbrah issues particularly.

Joe B. Rodriguez and Rene Vela were elected to serve as directors on the advisory council as Tim Smith and Carlos Guerra’s terms expired. The board now consists of Wayne Reavis, Rickey Burch, Jane Travis, Rodriguez and Vela. Reavis was then elected president; Burch vice-president and Rodriguez secretary-treasurer.

Activities and Events Committee
Rene Vela- Advisor
Wayne Johnson
Evans Family
Grahman Family
Kevin and Charleen Kent
Charles Honeycutt
Kyle and Lori Higgins

Simbrah Publications Committee

Craig Schultz- Advisor
David Grimes
Ray Hill
John Friedrich Family
Pete Nieschwitz
Bill Travis
Candice Tindle

Growth and Development Committee

Jane Travis-Advisor
Javier Moreno
Tonya Hill
Kevin and Charlene Kent
David and Kellie Rodenbeck
Russel Moser

Booth, Advertising, and Hospitality Booth
Ricky Burch-Advisor
Martha McCrary
Lori Pettit
Jennifer Mills
Clyde and Janie Perry
Kevin and Charlene Kent

Fundraising Committee

Joe B Rodriguez-Advisor
Ted Schmidt
Evan Schmidt
Jud Flowers
Belva Johnson
Twila Johnson

Pine Ridge Ranch recently released data on a group of 19 steers bred at their ranch and then fed and harvested. Fifteen of the steers graded Choice, three Prime and one Select. The average Yield Grade was 2.5 with an average ribeye of 15.8 with an average dressing percentage of 64.8. The group saw an average carcass weight of 895 pounds with 0.42 Fat score. For additional information visit their website at www.simbrah.com

Tracking Simbrah Carcass Data

The progeny of six Simbrah bulls have been weighed, tested and measured at every stage of production – with special emphasis in the carcass data, in an effort to prove their genetics are as good as believed. The calves from these sires, were weaned from the test herd at University of Illinois Experiment Station as part of the long-running American Simmental Association’s Carcass Merit Program (CMP) and now they have been harvested.

The CMP program, started in 1996, is the longest-running, structured sire evaluation program in the cattle industry. The program has expanded over the years to included about 500 sires, cooperator herds in 16 states, 35,000 matings and more than 5,000 carcass records. Other breeds have been included in the CMP and the data has contributed to several breed association databases.

The six bulls sired 27 steer calves and 26 heifer calves in this particular test. The results were favorable for Simbrah sired calves, when comparing the numbers against the Simmental and SimAngus calves. Please click here for a complete breakdown by sire and information on each sire.

Additional testing of Simbrah sired calves is in the future through the CMP program and updates will be provided as the Simbrah breed tracks carcass data.

“The ASA Board has been supportive of getting Simbrah carcass information and this combined with 50K enhanced genetic data and ASA’s Total Herd Enrollment (THE) program will allow the Simbrah breed to continue to improve the accuracies and revelance of our EPDs for carcass and all traits. Simbrah breeders are continuing to encourage ASA to provide these test herd programs, so that the breed can gain additional data,” explained Tim Smith, Simbrah Breeders Group president.


The Simbrah steer feed out will begin with flex time in Mid October and held at Graham Feeders.The committee would like to have Spring born steers, branding preferred, tattooed and ear tagged. The cattle health work should follow the Texas A&M Vac 45 program. Texas A&M will be consulted during this test.

Breeders will own their individual cattle while in the feedlot and retain individual risk of death and sickness. Health insurance should be obtainable although seldom utilized due to high success ratio.The intention is to feed to a large weight without additives to maximize carcass quality. The cattle will be fed to approximately 1400 lbs. Steers should weigh 550 lbs. or more at shipment.

Upon harvest, each breeder will receive all data identified by tattoo numbers and each breeder will be paid based on the result of the individual carcass.

Freight to feedlot will be paid by each breeder. Group shipments and loading points will be studied to minimize shipping costs.There are no scheduling or handling costs associated with this feed out and all risk is maintained by each breeder without recourse.

The goal is to express the carcass quality of the Simbrah breed. For additional information contact Bill Travis at billtravis@bigplanet.com or 214-850-6308.


The American Simmental Association now has a locator map that makes it as easy as clicking a button to locate Simgenetic members. The map can be found at www.simmental.org and it allows you to click on a location and find ASA and AJSA members in that area.

Bill Travis supplied us with the attached information concerning Simbrah Steer Carcasses and how they ranked (very favorably) in this feedout information.

Click here to read.

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Description Of A Simbrah.pdf
Development Of Simbrah.pdf
Guideline For Breeding Simbrah Cattle.pdf

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Six-month-old purebred Simbrah ET heifer calf in some typical South Texas
ranch country at the Boening Bros. Ranch. Photo by Victor Guerra.

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