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• May 21-22-Smith Genetics Cow Camp, Giddings, Texas
• May 21-Back To Grass Sale, Henderson, Texas
• June 8-11 Texas Junior Simmental/Simbrah Association Futurity, Bryan, Texas
• June 17-19-American Simmental Association’s Style 2022, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
• June 24-30-American Junior Simmental Association National Classic, Madison, Wisconsin
• June 28-July 1-American Simbrah Roundup, Brenham, Texas
• Aug 1-3-Texas A&M Beef Cattle Shortcourse, College Station, Texas
• Sept 10-ETSSA/HOTSSA Sale, Henderson, Texas
• Sept. 24-25 Synergy XV Sale and Show, Giddings, Texas
• Oct. 1-35Th Annual Junior Roundup, Linn, Texas


The Texas Simmental/Simbrah Association (TSSA) is hosting an event April 7-10, 2022 in Abilene, Texas. The Southern Showcase is the name of the event and it will have something for every SimGenetic breeder.
The association plans  to hold a wide range of events that include the hosting of the TSSA Annual Meeting on the evening April 8th, then junior shows and a sale for SimGenetics on April 9th and conclude with open shows on April 10th. You may enter online at www.texassimmentalsimbrah.com
President Casey Buzzard says that volunteers and sponsors are needed. The sale will be managed by GB Marketing and for sale information contact him at 405/780-0372.
For additional information watch the respective groups websites and Facebook pages or call Buzzard at 979/215-6459.


The American Simmental Association has announced it will host Style 2022, June 17-19 at The Skirvin Hilton, One Park Ave., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for ages 25-40. The focus of this event will be a leadership program for the industry’s next generation. Registration deadline is April 1st. For more information visit simmental.org


Smith Genetics, Giddings, Texas will once again hold their annual cow camp, May 21-22 at the ranch. The two-day camp will be a Sullivan’s Stock Show U event for the fitting, grooming and showmanship portions. The camp will also cover material and be interactive for the educational contests featured at the Texas Junior Simmental/Simbrah Association Futurity, American Junior Simbrah Roundup and American Junior Simmental Association’s National Classic. To learn more and sign up, visit smithgenetics.com.


Sponsorships for the annual Simbrah Roundup are available and this is a great way to show your support for are junior exhibitors. The Roundup draws junior Simbrah breeders from Texas, as well as other surrounding states. For additional information on sponsorships, contact Tonya Hill, 956/566-0442 or email at brolacocattle@yahoo.com. The American Junior Simbrah Roundup will be held in Brenham, Texas  June 28-July 1.


Meeting called to order by President Sam Hodges at. 2:05PM, Room 201 NRG Center, Houston, Texas

Recognized Current Directors:
            Sam Hodges: President
            Joe Hensgens: Vice President
            Jake Tortorice: Secretary (Term expired)
            Keith Strack: Treasurer (Term expired)
            Wayne Johnson
            Wayne Reavis

Recognized ASA Trustees for Southern Region:
            Victor Guerra
            Joe Hensgens

Both serve on the Simbrah Committee at ASA so we are in good hands

Luke Bowman is the ASA staff member assigned to the Simbrah Committee – he is unable to be with us today due to illness.

Update from ASA Trustees from Southern Region: Victor Guerra and Joe Hensgens

  • Annual ASA meeting cancelled due to COVID, looking forward to Board Meeting in April in Bozeman
  • Membership asking for more promotion from ASA
  • Victor seeing more promotion throughout the shows etc and is happy with the progress ASA has made in responding to this
  • Cow/calf pair rule changed so PB Simbrah cows show in PB Simbrah show even if they have a percentage calf at side
  • Rio Grande Valley Beef Improvement Committee - seeing new breeders engaged and getting involved with that gains test.  Cost about $750 to feed the bulls from October to March on the development test.  Victor goes and photos them every couple of months - disposition of those bulls has been good quality as well.
  • ASA working to add a percentage Simbrah show at the Regional and Junior Nationals, possibly even at Houston, too.  
  • Presence at trade shows - Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course and NCBA convention here in Houston, next year it’ll be in New Orleans
  • IGS from ASA was recognized by NCBA for the presentations they had in their booth
  • TSSA Showcase was challenging bc of San Antonio Junior show rescheduling but it turned out well.  Have about 100 head here at Houston this year.
  • ASA National show was good - numbers across the board but ASA 
  • Louisiana State Fair open to all states
  • Bayou Classic in December 
  • Simbrah Summit will not be held in conjunction with the TSSA Showcase this year - Simbrah Committee is re-evaluating the Simbrah Summit 
  • ASA is doing a booth at TSCRA in the end of March - big step that ASA is having this booth for us - possibly need help in working the booth


Lane Giess from ASA staff with Carcass program here for International Cattle Congress

  • Lane provided update on CXP (Carcass Expansion Program), explained details behind the data, and provided an update on findings specific to Simbrah
  • Questions from the audience were fielded and addressed on adjusting scores from bad Brahman data
  • Feedback from membership was given to Joe Hensgens and Victor Guerra to take back to ASA 

Update from TSSA Vice President Sam Hodges:
Recognize Board:
Casey Buzzard – President
Sam Hodges – Vice President
David Grimes – Treasurer
Diane Jolly
Keith Strack

·         Directories were just delivered and will be distributed at the International Sale tonight that starts at 7PM – all are welcome and invited to attend.
·         International Sale at Houston update:

    • Renegotiated contract & retained GB Marketing to promote and manage sale
    • Increased digital marketing presence
    • Reduced 2020 sale commission from expenses by ~8 percent from 2019 cost with previous manager, unable to host sale last year. 

·         Working with TJSSA to apply for 2024 ASA Junior Nationals to host in Texas – will need support if that goes through
·         First Southern Showcase and Sale held in Brenham last year was a learning experience but overall a success. 
·         TSSA Southern Showcase and Sale April 7-10, 2022 in Abilene at the West Texas Fairgrounds
·         The Annual meeting will be Saturday morning, April 9th, 2022 at the West Texas Fairgrounds in Abilene, Texas.

    • Two Vacancies on the Board will be open for election – Casey Buzzard and Diane Jolly.  If you are interested in running and serving on the Board, please come and talk with me after.

2022 Superbowl Update - 30th Year by Tim Smith
·         $1MK+ given out by breeders
·         No breed association has raised that much money to give back and reinvest in their junior program

Performance Bull Test & Sale
·         Watch for announcements in the Simbrah World for potential performance bull tests and sales - Wayne Reavis provided update on RGV Bull and Heifer Test and sale - cattle go in in the beginning of October
Simbrah Summit Update from Sam Hodges
·      The update from Luke on this this event for 2022 is they will not be hosting it in conjunction with the Southern Showcase in Abilene.  In year’s past, we have co-hosted this with a feed-out test at Graham Land and Cattle but have been unable to schedule anything due to the impact COVID has had on the meat processing end of the industry and limited workforce.  We will keep you updated and continue to work with ASA in getting this on the books.

·      Donation lot from Smith Genetics raised $4,600 at Synergy.  The Synergy Silent Auction is run by Belva and Twila Johnson, they handle the donations and coordinate the Silent Auction each year and do a wonderful job.  This past year at Synergy they raised a total of $2,657.50 - thank you for your hard work.  These funds support the publication of the Simbrah News to expand Simbrah’s impact in the commercial marketplace. 

Publication - Simbrah World Update from Martha Garrett
·      Provided update of trends in print vs. digital media and decline in ad sales -need to reconsider    publication or encourage breeders to support if we want to stay print media.
·      Reminder to sign up new clients on the Simbrah World website


SBC Board Elections and 2022-2023 Officers: (Jake Tortorice came off, Keith Strack re-elected, Jud Flowers elected)
    Sam Hodges: President
      Joe Hensgens: Vice President
      Jud Flowers: Secretary Nominated and Elected
      Keith Strack: Treasurer Nominated and Re-elected to position
      Wayne Johnson
       Wayne Reavis

The Simbrah World staff recently received a request to design logos that could work for breed promotion on caps, jackets and the likes. The logos are available in different sizes and variations by red or black Simbrah are provided at no cost. They are posted here for your viewing. Please contact Martha at hollidaco@att.net to request the artwork in high resolution format.


The American Simmental Association (ASA) recently unveiled new marketing materials for the Simbrah breed. There is a new brochure, as well as signs promoting Simbrahs as the cross-breeding choice. The materials include all new photos recently taken by Hannah Wine, ASA junior director. For details on how you can get copies of the brochure for distribution and have the sign at events in your area, contact the ASA at 406/587-4531.

Tracking Simbrah Carcass Data

The progeny of six Simbrah bulls have been weighed, tested and measured at every stage of production – with special emphasis in the carcass data, in an effort to prove their genetics are as good as believed. The calves from these sires, were weaned from the test herd at University of Illinois Experiment Station as part of the long-running American Simmental Association’s Carcass Merit Program (CMP) and now they have been harvested.

The CMP program, started in 1996, is the longest-running, structured sire evaluation program in the cattle industry. The program has expanded over the years to included about 500 sires, cooperator herds in 16 states, 35,000 matings and more than 5,000 carcass records. Other breeds have been included in the CMP and the data has contributed to several breed association databases.

The six bulls sired 27 steer calves and 26 heifer calves in this particular test. The results were favorable for Simbrah sired calves, when comparing the numbers against the Simmental and SimAngus calves. Please click here for a complete breakdown by sire and information on each sire.

Additional testing of Simbrah sired calves is in the future through the CMP program and updates will be provided as the Simbrah breed tracks carcass data.

“The ASA Board has been supportive of getting Simbrah carcass information and this combined with 50K enhanced genetic data and ASA’s Total Herd Enrollment (THE) program will allow the Simbrah breed to continue to improve the accuracies and revelance of our EPDs for carcass and all traits. Simbrah breeders are continuing to encourage ASA to provide these test herd programs, so that the breed can gain additional data,” explained Tim Smith, Simbrah Breeders Group president.


The American Simmental Association now has a locator map that makes it as easy as clicking a button to locate Simgenetic members. The map can be found at www.simmental.org and it allows you to click on a location and find ASA and AJSA members in that area.

Simbrah World has developed a list of email addresses, taken from subscription information. We can do email blasts to this list for $75. You can send a message and/or an ad, photo or promotional pieces along those lines. The list currently has approximately 150 names and we are working to add more. While the number may not be large, remember these are people who are active in the Simbrah breed.

If you have an event/animal you want to promote, contact Martha at mgarrett@southernlivestock.com or 903/316-8465.

If you desire additional information on Simbrah go to www.simbrah.org or www.simmental.org and click on the links for Simbrah.

Also you can access the following material by clicking on the following names:
Simbrah-The Best Of Both Breeds.pdf
Description Of A Simbrah.pdf
Development Of Simbrah.pdf
Guideline For Breeding Simbrah Cattle.pdf

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“Can’t Wait Any Longer”. Photo taken at Shallow Water Ranch, owned by Bobby and Jeanne Thornhill.

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